Pave Platform

How pave is different

We have taken a radically different approach to mobility networks commonly used by connected cars, e-bikes, and rental scooters. Pave is using a private Ethereum based network that enables you to share your bike, transact with community members, and know that security and data privacy are upheld to the highest standards. Being decentralized has many advantages and our goal is to offer you new fun features in combination with high levels of security & privacy:

Secure access via blockchain

Your Pave ownership and access is secured & enforced via an NFT (ERC721 based) that you will receive when purchasing the bike.

By simply using your Pave+ App as a smartphone-based wallet that holds your NFT, you can always access your bike—even without internet connectivity. Possession of the token corresponding to the physical bike in Pave+ grants access to the bike via BLE.

In the event that you’ve lost your phone or simply do not feel like bringing it, we’ve equipped every Pave with an NFC smartcard that you can use to lock & unlock without your smartphone.

Smart contract rentals

Customize your own smart rental contracts and share your bike with anyone on the network in exchange for USD, BTC, ETH - or of course for free! By choosing a deposit you can make sure your contract is enforced and the bike is dropped at the location you have chosen.


Share your bike with friends to earn Pave rewards to receive discounts and special offers. Pave rewards are ERC20 based tokens that can be used within the Pave network.