Choose your ride mode: Get 65 miles of range in Eco, select Cruise for your daily commute, and accelerate to 30 mph in 3.7 s when in Sport.

The performance hydraulic brakes ensure top braking behavior and with regenerative braking built in you can extend your range.

Easy riding with no clutch. You will never have to worry about shifting gears and can focus on riding.



The Pave 1 embodies functionality. Each curve has been carefully designed to optimize weight, style, and performance.

We’ve broken everything down to bare essentials to create the fusion of bicycle and motorcycle. The bike has the power of a small engine motorcycle, but the minimalist look & feel of an e-Bike.

By minimizing the design the Pave requires almost no maintenance and is intuitive to use.



The seat folds up and is made from the softest foam we could find to offer ultimate comfort.

No matter your height, you can always find a relaxed position on the long bench seat.

The bike is equipped with extra foot support on the rear-end of the bike so your 2nd passenger is comfortable.



Charge your battery at any standard outlet. With our turbo-charger you get up to 30 miles of range within one hour.

We are using premium cells to offer long battery life and allow for the most efficient energy consumption.

The removable battery can be securely locked in the bike. So you don’t need to worry about carrying the battery everywhere.

No More Keys

Keyless Access

Connect & authenticate your bike using your Pave NFT and BLE connectivity. No keys needed, just get on the bike and go!

Coming Soon on iOS & Android

Bike Specs


  • Cells: Premium Lithium-Ion 21700
  • Voltage: 50.4 V
  • Capacity: 39 Ah
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • 0-80%: 90 minutes
  • 0-100%: 3 hours

Drive Train & Brakes

  • Type: BLDC Hub Motor
  • Nominal power: 2 kW & 3 kW
  • Torque: 100 Nm
  • Brakes: Regen capable high performance single piston

Seat & Suspension

  • Seat: Thick layer of PU Foam and textured fabric to minimize sliding
  • Fork: Single crown inverted suspension fork
  • Fork Travel: 60mm


  • Max speed: 30mph
  • Range: 50 miles
  • Acceleration: 0-30mph in 3.7s

Full Vehicle

  • Frame: AL 6061
  • Body: PC/ABS Plastic
  • Weight (no Battery): 100 lbs

Wheels & Tires

  • Rear Rim: 14 x 2.5
  • Front Rim: 14 x 1.85
  • Rear Tire: 100/80-14
  • Front Tire: 80/90-14


  • Wheel base: 1220mm
  • Seat Height: 800mm
  • Ground clearance: 170mm

Connectivity & Security

  • Access: Pave+ or NFC
  • Connectivity: LTE, GPS, BLE


  • Class: Motor driven cycle (USA) & L1e-B (EU)
  • License: Car, M1, M2 (USA) / AM or B (EU)