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We founded Pave in 2019 with the goal to truly change the 100+ year old scooter industry and to fuel mass adoption of EV’s in and around large cities. Growing up as brothers in Berlin we always had the desire to get around town quickly and independently, but our only options were loud, heavy, and environmentally unfriendly combustion engine scooters. After moving to Brooklyn a few years ago we realized that recent development of electric drive trains and batteries opened opportunities for a new electric two-wheeler concept.

Rather than sticking to the traditional scooter layout and switching out the drivetrain, we took a new design approach and developed something from scratch. The result? A new vehicle category - a fusion of bicycle and motorcycle that is light-weight, exhilarating to ride, and extremely user friendly.

Whether you’re commuting or exploring your neighborhood Pave is reliable, low maintenance, and always a thrilling experience. We strive to help avoid a climate disaster, create a community of riders, and bring freedom of movement to riders of all walks of life.

Join us, enjoy the ride, and let's pave the way for a cleaner future!

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We took a new approach to the classic mobility networks. By using our private blockchain network we are setting new standards for vehicle security including access via NFTs and smart rental contract vehicle sharing.

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