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Pave Motors Inc. builds premium, technology-forward electric motorbikes, distinctive in design and exhilarating in rider experience. At the forefront of a new mobility category merging the best qualities of a motorcycle with that of an ebike, Pave's first proof of concept is the revolutionary Pave BK. Sleek, lightweight, intuitive to use and exhilarating to ride, Pave BK is equipped with industry-first sharing technology set to disrupt the two-wheeled mobility space and create a community of eco-conscious riders around the world.


Brooklyn Made

Rather than sticking to the traditional scooter layout and switching out the drivetrain, we took a new design approach and developed something from scratch. The result? A new vehicle category - a fusion of bicycle and motorcycle that is light-weight, exhilarating to ride, and extremely user friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I buy a Pave?

Check out our shop,here

Does Pave offer financing?

Yes. We offer various payment options that can be found in the checkout sections of our website,here

How will Pave be delivered?

Pave will be delivered fully assembled to your doorstep. All you need to do is unpackage the bike, screw the mirrors per the manual, and plug in your battery

How long does the delivery take?

Once you place your order we will begin the production process. Delivery times range from 1-3 months depending on your location.

Is a charger included?

Yes, every bike comes with our standard overnight charger. It takes 6-8 hours of charge to get from 0% - 100%

How do I charge the battery?

Take the battery out of your bike, plug the that comes with the bike into the battery, and plug it directly into the wall outlet (up to 240V)

Where can I charge my Pave battery?

Any wall outlet with up to 240V

Can 2 passengers ride on Pave?

Yes, we will offer extra sets of footpegs for a 2nd passenger starting in June

What's Pave's weight limit?

330 lbs

Is the Pave BK street legal in the US?

Yes, the Pave BK is street legal. Check your local and state laws for any restrictions on the use of motor driven cycles, including but not limited to whether motor driven cycles may be operated on public streets, and if so, which public streets, the class of driver's license required for use, age restrictions, and helmet requirements. Pave is not responsible for any violations of local or state laws in connection with your use of the BK. Contact your local department of motor vehicles for more information.

Is the Pave BK(u) street legal in the US?

No, the Pave BK(u) is not street legal in the US. It is intended for off-road use only and is not meant to be operated on public streets. It is your responsibility to check your local and state laws for any restrictions on the use of off-road vehicles, including but not limited to those regarding registration, insurance, licensing, helmets, age requirements, and allowable uses. Pave is not responsible for any violations of local or state laws in connection with your use of the BKu. Contact your local department of motor vehicles for more information

Do I need a motorcycle license for my Pave BK?

Please check with your local and state laws. Depending on your state the following licenses allow you to operate a Pave: Car, M1, M2 (USA) / AM or B (EU)

What kind of insurance do I need?

Some jurisdictions require motor driven cycles to be registered and/or insured. Before operating your BK, check whether you are required to register or insure it and which documents are required by your jurisdiction. The BK includes a VIN number and a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) to allow for registration in most jurisdictions, but it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all registration and insurance laws.

Does Pave offer a warranty?

Yes, the warranty starts the day the Pave BK is delivered to you and continues for two years or until the Pave Bike has reached 30,000 km, whichever comes first. Find more details in our Terms of Use

What happens if something does not work on my bike?

Please contact us at, one of our support agents will reach out.

Will I have access to my Pave BK without internet connection?

Yes, access to lock and unlock the Pave BK and BK (u) will function without internet connection.

What if I lose my phone?

Please click “restore my account” in the app and use your seed-phrase to restore your account. If you have any questions, please contact

What if I lose my access card?

Please reach out to and we will send a new access card for free.

Why does Pave not have a physical key?

Pave uses proprietary technology to securely lock and unlock the vehicle using BLE to ensure that only you as an owner can access the vehicle. Having a digital key system makes access more secure and will result in many more features to come.

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